Saturday, December 31, 2016

A look back at 2016

As the year draws to a close, here is a quick summary of Monroe St. Press' activity during 2016: 

— We released 7 new titles: The Wreck of the Titan, or, Futility by Morgan Robertson; The Syren of the Skies by George Griffith; Unto This Last by E.M. Spencer; Floor Games & Little Wars by H.G. Wells; The Steam Man of the Prairies by John Spencer; The Light Princess by George MacDonald; and The Happy Prince and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde.  Our newest offerings include original anthologies of popular Victorian genres (Unto This Last features utopian/dystopian fiction, while The Steam Man of the Prairies is a collection of 3 dime novels) and children's literature. 

— We established our website and this blog. 

— Events in which Monroe St. Press participated this year included the Heroicon gaming convention in Decatur, IL; Cog County Faire III in Montello, WI; two St. Louis Swap Meets on Cherokee Street; the Big River Steampunk Festival in Hannibal, MO; the Spoon River Drive in Lewistown, IL; and Steampunk Flights of Fancy at the World Bird Sanctuary near St. Louis. Look for us again this year at Heroicon (May 19-21), Big River (Sept. 2-4), and at the St. Louis Swap Meet (TBA). 

New events on our 2017 calendar include Winter War 44, Jan. 26-28 in Champaign, IL; Geneva Steam, March 10-12 in Delavan, WI; the Capcon Gaming Convention, July 15 in Springfield, IL; and Archon, Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in Collinsville, IL.  

Our "resolutions" for 2017 include adding more shorter works, including collections of novellas or short stories, to our stable of titles; more titles for children; and perhaps some vintage informational works on topics such as war gaming, aircraft, etc. We're open to any suggestions or recommendations regarding titles or authors you would like to see made available.  

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth or our website this year. We made many new friends for which we are grateful, and we wish you all a happy and prosperous new year! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Two new books for young readers

Just in time for Christmas, Monroe St. Press has added two classic Victorian children's books by well-known authors to its catalog: 

The Light Princess by George MacDonald, a tale of a princess with an unusual curse and the young man who strives to help her break it. Includes the original line drawing illustrations by Arthur Hughes. $5.00 at 

The Happy Prince and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde, a collection of five short stories of friendship, sacrifice, selfishness, betrayal and pride. Includes "The Happy Prince", "The Nightingale and the Rose", "The Selfish Giant", "The Devoted Friend", and "The Remarkable Rocket". Also includes original illustrations by Walter Crane and Jacomb Hood. $5.00 at

We plan to add more titles for young readers to our collection in 2017. If you have any suggested titles or authors you would like to see Monroe St. Press offer, contact us by leaving a comment at this blog or by e-mail at

Flights of fancy at the World Bird Sanctuary

Monroe St. Press' last big event of 2016 was a steampunk-themed gathering Nov. 12 at the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Mo., about 25 miles west of St. Louis. 

This event, organized by Steampunk St. Louis, featured an "All About Owls" program, live entertainment, and about a dozen vendors offering steampunk-oriented items. 

A frosty but clear morning with fall colors still lingering provided a great environment for visitors to hike the site's trails, sample hot drinks and other refreshments, and show off their steampunk attire and other gear. 

Several science fiction titles, our futuristic anthology Unto This Last, and historical novels by the American Winston Churchill (a St. Louis native) attracted the greatest interest. 

Aimee, from Eureka, Mo., picked up a copy of The Great Stone of Sardis by Frank Stockton to read as part of a reading challenge at her school. This tale of an eccentric scientist's expedition to the Earth's core was written in 1897 and set in the far flung future of 1947. 

Gordon and DeAnn from Maryland Heights, Mo. obtained copies of two Churchill novels — Richard Carvel, a sea adventure set in the Colonial era, and The Crossing, which recounts the conquest of the Illinois country — along with Unto This Last, an anthology of Victorian and Edwardian visions of the future. Many of these stories take place in the 21st century and some were surprisingly prescient. 

As 2016 comes to a close, Monroe St. Press thanks everyone who visited our displays, our website and our Facebook page this year. We enjoy providing you with some of the hidden gems of a fascinating literary era and look forward to adding more titles. 

Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year 2017 to all!